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Car Overheating? Don't Get Steamed!

Imagine cruising on a hot day when suddenly your car starts acting strange. Don't panic! Recognizing the signs of overheating early can prevent major damage and costly repairs.

Danger Signs:

  • Hot Gauge: The temperature gauge climbs past "normal."

  • Steam Show: Steam or smoke billows from your hood.

  • Warning Light On: The "check engine" or "coolant" light illuminates.

If you see any of these, act fast:

  1. Pull over safely: Find a safe spot and turn off your engine.

  2. Don't open the hood: Hot coolant can spray and cause burns.

  3. Call for help: Contact roadside assistance or a mechanic.

Preventing Trouble:

  • Regular check-ups: Have your cooling system inspected and serviced regularly.

  • Coolant care: Check coolant levels often and top up with the correct type.

  • Quality matters: Use high-quality coolant and replace worn components promptly.

Remember, a little care goes a long way in keeping your car cool and saving you money.

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